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Project aims

Connections Project aims and objectives

  • Assist irrigation communities in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District to adapt to reduced water availability and build a sustainable future for productive agriculture.
    • Provide services that meet customer needs for flow rates and timing, and are adaptable to meet changes in customer needs.
  • Enhance the environment locally and across the Murray Darling Basin
    • Create water savings for environmental use across the Basin (ie. deliver 204GL of water savings)
    • Create local environmental benefit by implementing environmental improvement projects (eg. Lowering Little Murray Weir, Kerang Lakes, mitigation water and local environmental flows).

High level principles

  • The project will work productively with communities to implement the project.
  • Provision of connections solutions will be prioritised on the basis of their ability to deliver value for money water savings.
  • Where the value for money water savings criteria is met, priority will be given to connections that support food and fibre productions, regional development, jobs and growth.
  • Connections standard will be proportional to the needs of the user and fit for purpose.
  • Where a user seeks a higher standard of service, the user will have to contribute to the cost.
  • Where urban supply is available to non-commercial users, the continuing requirement for both urban and irrigation supply will need to be justified.
  • GMW will honour executed landowner agreements that are consistent with these principles or where contractual obligations exist. Contractual arrangements can be withdrawn where mutual agreement has been reached with the landowner.
  • Statutory tools may be enacted when an agreement cannot be reached in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Seek to ensure GMW’s cost recovery meets operational and whole of life cost needs for the water delivery system.