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The project team

Meet the people who work as part of the Connections Project:

Project Director Frank Fisseler

Frank Fisseler is originally from Frankfurt in Germany. He has a partner and three children. He is a fan of Bayern Munich soccer team, sport in general and he enjoys healthy and good food.

Frank is a senior water infrastructure executive with broad Australian and international experience. Frank started his career as a lawyer, and has worked in law firms in the United States and Switzerland.

Big projects are Frank’s bread and butter.

One of his biggest challenges was working as the Deputy Project Director on the $3.5 billion Victorian Desalination Project, leading the procurement, design, construction and commissioning of the project.

Frank moved to Mildura in June 2015, to oversee the final year of the Sunraysia Modernisation Project at Lower Murray Water. Frank was appointed Project Director of the Connections Project in March 2016.

Connections Project Control Group (PCG)

The Project Control Group reports to the Minister for Water and the GMW board. The Project Control Group’s role is to drive change, and streamline the decision making process. Together, the PCG is responsible for optimising the benefits that the Connections Project delivers for water users and the region.

Project Control Group members are:

Chairman Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh has been appointed by the Victorian Government as an Independent Advisor on the reset of the Connections Project.

He will support the efforts of the Victorian Government in working with the Commonwealth and GMW to ensure the best possible design for the future roll-out of the Project.

Mike has 35 years of experience in the Australian and international water industry. He has worked extensively in the development of major projects, as a project manager in the construction and water industries and in the design, construction and operation of water assets in the private sector.

As well as serving in Management and Project Director roles for Western Water, SA Water, the Victorian Government and the Queensland Government, Mike has also previously worked as the Chair of the GMW Tender Evaluation Group.

Mike has Civil Engineering and Management and Leadership qualifications from Monash University and Oxford University.

Campbell Fitzpatrick

Campbell Fitzpatrick has worked in the water industry for over 30 years and in senior leadership roles for close to 20 years. He started his career working in Victoria’s salinity management program, working closely with irrigators in northern Victoria. Campbell then went on to lead the process to convert irrigators poorly specified rights to water into clearly defined bulk water entitlements, followed by the Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy. He has worked closely with both state and Commonwealth governments.

Margot Henty

Margot Henty has been an irrigation dairy farmer for more than 30 years. She is a member of the Marketing subcommittee at the Waterpool Cooperative, Victorian Basin Advisory Group, Women in Water Taskforce, a representative at the Murray Darling Basin Council Community Advisory Committee and has been involved in the Barr Creek Salinity Management Plan.

Ms Henty has a Bachelor of Arts.

Richard Anderson (non-voting member)

Richard Anderson is a mixed farmer from Bamawm and in addition to being the Connections Project Stakeholder Consultative Committee chair, he is the chair of the VFF Water Council. Mr Anderson has chaired the VFF Water Council since 2006. He holds degrees in Accounting and Business Administration.

Mr Anderson has successfully chaired the Rochester/Campaspe Water Service Committee, a customer committee of Goulburn-Murray Water for 25 years and has been involved in the development of the Campaspe Deeplead Water Supply Protection Area.

Mr Anderson also serves on a number of reference committees including Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy, National Farmers Federation (NFF) Water Taskforce, Stakeholder Consultative Committee for Government Buy-Back of Water, NFF Technical Working Group and salinity reference committees as well as being involved in the Echuca and Rochester Victorian Farmers Federation branches.

Project Director Frank Fisseler and GMW Acting Managing Director Neil Brennan are also non-voting members of PCG.