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Local Projects

Local projects and case studies

Explore local area projects and case studies about how the Connections Project is improving communities at the local level.

Swan Hill Modernisation

The Swan Hill Modernisation Project is designed to generate positive environmental outcomes, deliver on water savings and improve the standard of service for irrigators in the Swan Hill Irrigation Region….


Malcolm Nicholson

Malcolm Nicholson is the first to say the Connections Project has changed his life. The dairy farmer runs 180 cows on his 520ac property located 20 kilometres west of Echuca….

Image of Taylor Lagoon

Gunbower Lagoons Modernisation Project

Gunbower Lagoons Modernisation Project is part of an environmental water savings project. It aims to enhance the environmental values and investigate the requirements of new infrastructure of Taylors Lagoon. The project…

East of Echuca Project

The East of Echuca Project is a ‘Special Project’ within the Connections program that aims to provide water efficiency savings in a complex mixed-use area. The channel system running through…

Third Reedy Lake

Kerang Lakes Bypass Project

The Kerang Lakes Bypass Project is a water savings project designed to generate positive environmental outcomes. After an extensive investigation, only one of the five lakes, Third Reedy Lake, has…