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This page focuses on keeping landowners in the GMID up to date with project progress as well as specific information on how the project makes decisions about key aspects of the project.

Fact sheets

Landowner Guide

The updated Landowner Guide (PDF, 430KB) provides comprehensive, step by step information about the project, to help landowners make informed decisions about their irrigation water supply.

Operational Rules

The Operational Rules (PDF, 137KB) sets out the framework under which project personnel make certain decisions, including but not limited to:

  • determining flow rate and sizing for upgrading service point outlets
  • co-contribution by landowners for works in addition to what the project proposes, and
  • exceptional circumstances for landowners experiencing hardship.

Connections Project Update (e-news)

Quarterly project newsletter

Independent Reviewer

The Independent Reviewer’s role is to undertake reviews of:

  1. Landowner submissions to the draft final reconfiguration plan: and/or
  2. The undertaking of works (including the installation, upgrading, replacement or decommissioning of assets).

The Independent Reviewer is appointed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

View the Independent Reviewer Terms of Reference August 2017 (PDF, 51KB).


From time to time, we send out a letter to all landowners to provide project updates, advice on policy changes and so on. They are published on this page for quick reference.