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Updated Landowner Guide now available

An updated Landowner Guide has been released to help guide customers through the Connections Project modernisation process.

Based on landowner feedback, the updated guide aims to clearly identify the connections process, from start to finish, in an easy-to-understand and concise way.

It also highlights options for landowners during each stage of the process, especially if an individualised approach is appropriate and agreed on by all parties.

It also details how the process may be expedited for some landowners who have already been engaged with the connections process.

Connections Project Landowner Guide

An updated version of the Landowner Guide is now available and reflects feedback from landowners.

Project Director Frank Fisseler said the publication provided a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the process.

“The updated guide reflects the feedback we have received from landowners and we’ve incorporated that into a revised publication,” Mr Fisseler said.

“Along with our online portal My Connections Update, the guide will make it easier for landowners to understand and engage with the process.”

The release of the new guide also coincides with updates to the My Connections Update portal to reflect proposed channel treatment options for channels previously marked as subject to further planning.

A fact sheet is available for landowners, which explains each option and how the decision was made; and the portal has information about who will be delivering the works: the Connections Project team or appointed contractor John Holland.

People can download a copy of the Landowner Guide or visit the online portal.

Copies of the Landowner Guide will also be distributed to landowners as the project progresses in their areas, and are also available from Goulburn-Murray Water offices.

An earlier version of the Landowner Guide was issued in January following the adoption of the Reset Delivery Plan.