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Anne McCamish

Anne McCamish is a former Mayor of Shepparton. She’s witnessed the impact that the $2 billion investment has had in the region through the Connections Project and knows why it was imperative to boost the local economy. She understands exactly how the Project has created on-going economic benefits which are still being realised today across the wider community. In her words, “it was a salvation.”

“The injection of $2 billion into the local economy in the middle of a drought was about as good as you can get. Look at the new businesses that have sprung up – I can’t bear to think what the region would be like without it – it underpins everything else.”

Why Connections modernisation was needed

“It was a salvation to the community, because we were in the middle of a terrible drought and dairying was in a terrible place – there was a huge drop in the number of dairy farms,” Anne said.

“Something had to be done. The irrigation system was put in in 1892, it was 110 years old – it needed to have some work done to it. The only greenery in the district was on the channel banks in the drought.

“I think it was just salvation for the region to be honest, although the region still suffered and is still recovering.”

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