Delivering on the reset plan

GMW Connections Project Control Group Chair, Mike Walsh and GMW Managing Director, Patrick Lennon today announced the appointment of John Holland to deliver a significant portion of irrigation modernisation works in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District (GMID).

The total scope of these works is approximately:

  • Installation of 430 automated channel regulators
  • Remediation of 60km of channel
  • Laying of 160km of new pipeline, and
  • 3700 meters treated (replaced, rationalised or retained)

Mr Walsh said today’s announcement was a significant step in implementing the project’s Reset Delivery Plan and landowners could expect to soon see action on the ground.

“Today’s announcement is the culmination of a huge amount of work done to reset the GMW Connections Project,” Mr Walsh said.

“We’re getting on with the job of delivering this vital infrastructure for GMID irrigators,” he said.

“John Holland will hit the ground running by constructing part of this year’s GMW Winter Works program, ensuring more farmers are benefitting from state-of-the-art irrigation water delivery,” said Mr Walsh.

Mr Lennon said that the delivery of a major portion of the works by a qualified and experienced contractor was a major part of the reset delivery plan.

“Our customers will soon see substantial activity right across the region, boosting local economies and farm efficiency, as we continue to roll out the Connections Project,” said Mr Lennon.

Project Director Frank Fisseler said that John Holland, together with the project’s internal delivery team, can now focus on implementing the new landowner engagement process, which includes reconfiguration of GMW’s water delivery system.

“Through our consultation sessions and Stakeholder Consultative Committee, we know the importance to landowners of regular communications and listening to local knowledge and advice at every step,” he said.

Mr Fisseler said that a new Landowner Guide and supporting Operational Rules have been published on the project’s website so that landowners can easily understand the new engagement process.

“While having a main contractor on board will help us to deliver a significant portion of the remaining upgrades, we’ll also be tendering smaller packages of works to be overseen by our internal delivery team, resulting in even more opportunities for local contractors,” said Mr Fisseler.

The $2 billion project is funded by the Commonwealth and Victorian governments and represents the most significant upgrade to the region’s irrigation infrastructure in its 100-year history.

The project is the key to ensuring water for the environment is provided through infrastructure upgrades, not buybacks.

The project is on track to achieve its water savings target and be completed by October 2020.

 Landowners can view the status of their works on the project’s online portal.

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