Major step forward for Swan Hill project

Kristin Favaloro
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Decommissioning work on the Werril St bridge is now complete as works on the Swan Hill Modernisation Project progress.

The bridge was the first major structure to be decommissioned as part of the Swan Hill Modernisation Project’s No.9 Channel work, which is being carried out through the $2 billion Connections Project.

Ward Bros Earthmoving’s team removed the bridge, which was then backfilled and the road surface will be reinstated.

The No.9 Channel decommissioning works include installing two new pump stations near Werril St and Jennings Rd and constructing almost 8km of pipeline.

This will also allow about 10km of the No.9 channel to be decommissioned between Werril and Karinie Sts.

Connections Project Director Frank Fisseler said the Swan Hill Rural City Council and the Swan Hill community had raised the importance of decommissioning the Werril St bridge with the Project.

“Working with landowners and stakeholders to get the best outcomes is one of our top priorities,” Mr Fisseler said.

“This is a great outcome for the Swan Hill community and the landowners who will benefit from a more efficient water delivery network.

"The Connections Project is a $2 billion project, funded by the Victorian and Australian governments to ensure the future prosperity of the region. It’s the largest irrigation modernisation project in the country and is generating water savings by creating a world-leading delivery network.”

Six other bridges – on Gray, Rutherford, McCallum, Murlong, Butterworth and Karinie Sts – will also be removed following the completion of the winter works period, and in conjunction with the No.9 channel decommissioning works.

A dedicated hotline has been set up for enquiries about the Swan Hill Modernisation Project works – you can phone (03) 5036 6205 for more information.

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