Project appoints research partner

The Connections Project has appointed customer research firm Insync to undertake a series of landowner research surveys.


Landowner satisfaction “pulse checks” will help us monitor and understand engagement and identify improvement opportunities in real time to ensure we are providing high quality engagement.

The short surveys are designed to give the project a greater understanding of how the engagement process is working ‘on the ground’. They survey will investigate overall landowner satisfaction, as well as topics such as meetings, information provided about connection options and understanding people’s requirements.

They are an important tool in ensuring our engagement practices under the Reset Delivery Plan – adopted in September 2016 – continue to be effective.

A range of options to complete the survey will be available to make it easier and convenient for landowners. This includes completing it via phone call, through text messaging or call back.

People will always be given the opportunity to opt out if they do not wish to take part in the survey.

Landowners involved with the Project who do not wish to participate in the surveys can email us.

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