Safety is our priority for on-farm works

We're encouraging everyone to be aware of safety around on-farm works.


Carrying out on-farm works to re-connect your property to the modernised delivery network is an important part of the connections process.

The movement of vehicles, stock and people (particularly children) needs to be taken into account when works are being undertaken.

The following tips will help us to ensure safe working zones for our workers and for you:

  • We will ensure any construction area is fenced/flagged off with warning signs around the site advising of specific works and any potential safety hazards. There may be trenches and excavations on your property, as well as piles of material. It’s important that you stay well clear of these areas as material piles and land near trenches may become unstable.
  • Don’t enter the site without first contacting the site supervisor and keep away from the site and out-of-bounds areas.
  • Don’t climb on any machinery when it is not in use or no-one is around
  • Be aware there may be more vehicle movement than normal on your property and it may increase during different construction phases. Heavy machinery operators may not be able to see approaching people or vehicles, and machines may move without warning
  • If you have visitors or other people coming to your property, let them know there might be works happening
  • Secure dogs or other animals that could enter the work zone

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact the site supervisor, whose number will be listed on the site signage.

Alternatively, you can contact your Connections Project representative (project team or John Holland team) for more information – you can find their contact details on any of our written communication to you.

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