Project reset options and consultation

The Connections Project Community Consultation Report is a vital step in the Project Reset journey, as we work towards building a sustainable future for irrigators in Northern Victoria.

We saw a high level of community and stakeholder engagement as part of the Connections Project consultation sessions in June. A total of 302 participants attended five full-day sessions at towns spread across Northern Victoria.

The report,  compiled by consultant Tim Cummins and Associates, provides a summary of feedback received from landowners at the June sessions, which asked them to provide knowledge and expertise on the four delivery options for project reset.

The Community Consultation Report will inform our project reset planning activities.

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The report shows landowners expressed clear support for Option 4 as part of the Connections Project Reset. Option 4 is a tailored, channel-by-channel approach.

It concluded that Option 4 was the best option to complete the Connections Project and create a sustainable future for farmers in our region. Option 4 is a mix of all options applied to each of our 1168 channels in the Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District.