Stakeholder Consultative Committee

A Connections Project Stakeholder Consultative Committee (CPSCC) has been formed to provide input and advice to the Project Control Group (PCG) about the Connections Project reset.

This CPSCC will support the Project Control Group (PCG) on customer and community engagement to ensure the smooth implementation of the Connections Project.

This is an advisory role, with decisions about the Connections Project being the responsibility of the project team, the PCG and the Goulburn Murray Water (GMW board).

Committee members

There are 14 committee members:


Richard Anderson

Water Services Committees

  • Guy Duncan
  • Peter Hacon
  • Murray Haw
  • Georgie Sims
  • Paul Mundy


  • Daryl Hoey (United Dairyfarmers of Victoria)
  • Jeff Odgers (Australian Dairy Industry Council)
  • Peter Hall (Victorian Farmers Federation)

Authorities and local government

  • Jason Russell (Campaspe Shire Chief Executive Officer)
  • Neil Beattie (Loddon Shire Mayor)
  • Carl Walters (Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority)


  • Dale Answer
  • Paul Gill
Terms of reference


In November 2015, an independent mid-project review of Stage 2 of the Connections Project was released. Subsequently, a consultation process was undertaken designed to capture community input into the reset of the project. The consultation process was extensive with many people taking the opportunity to express their views about what is working, what isn’t, and what they wanted to see happen to drive the project forward.

There were a number of recommended changes to the way the project is delivered, with a major finding that governance and communication be improved so that the project can be delivered in a transparent, fair and equitable manner.

On March 3, the Victorian Minister for Water announced the establishment of Project Control Group to oversee the Connections Project, including a Stakeholder committee and identified her expectations for the reset of the project including:

  • the importance of stakeholders and community in having a say and being behind the reset
  • putting in governance arrangements that separate project delivery from GMW’s day to day activities and enable nimble and efficient decisions on the project, and
  • a line to be drawn under the project as it stands so that the project plan is clear on the elements that will be reset.


The committee will provide advice to the PCG on matters related to landholder, stakeholder and community engagement to ensure the smooth implementation of the Connections Project including:

  • the structure of any new consultation and engagement process
  • input into Connections communication plan
  • strategic issues and feedback about the implementation of the Connections Project reset
  • issues referred by the PCG.

Meetings are expected to be scheduled regularly 4 times a year or where there is a specific need identified by the Project Director or PCG.


The committee will provide advice to the PCG and the Project Director of the Connections Project. The Connections Project will provide secretariat services to the Group.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Members of the committee should be able to contribute policy and practical advice related modernising irrigation infrastructure.
  • They must be able to use their judgement on matters of interest to their organisations or communities with respect to these matters.
  • They will remain appointed while they hold the position for which they are being appointed to the committee.
  • Members will be expected to maintain an active involvement as a committee member through regular participation in committee meetings and the review of papers and other supporting information provided by the project team to committee members.
  • Members will also be expected not to:
  • Be an undischarged bankrupt; or
  • Have been prosecuted for an offence under the Water Act 1989,
  • Nor convicted of any indictable offence within the last 5 years; or
  • Have a debt with GMW beyond 90 days, without having entered into an arrangement with the GMW that would apply to a similar class of debtor, and
  • Have any current legal action against GMW.

Payment of personal and travel expenses shall be made for regular meetings of the Committees and special meetings requested by the PCG or Connections Project Director.