Richard Anderson

(Non-voting member)

Richard Anderson is a mixed farmer from Bamawm and in addition to being the Connections Project Stakeholder Consultative Committee chair, he is the chair of the VFF Water Council. Mr Anderson has chaired the VFF Water Council since 2006. He holds degrees in Accounting and Business Administration.

Mr Anderson has successfully chaired the Rochester/Campaspe Water Service Committee, a customer committee of Goulburn-Murray Water for 25 years and has been involved in the development of the Campaspe Deeplead Water Supply Protection Area.

Mr Anderson also serves on a number of reference committees including Northern Region Sustainable Water Strategy, National Farmers Federation (NFF) Water Taskforce, Stakeholder Consultative Committee for Government Buy-Back of Water, NFF Technical Working Group and salinity reference committees as well as being involved in the Echuca and Rochester Victorian Farmers Federation branches.