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Project benefits

The Connections Project is the largest irrigation modernisation project in Australia. We are investing more than $2 billion to create a sustainable future for productive agriculture in Northern Victoria.

We know this is a legacy project that will ensure the future prosperity of the region for generations to come.

The Project has been undergoing a reset to enable everyone to access water through a connection that is equivalent to their current annual water use.

 Benefits for our farmers

  • 24/7 water ordering during the irrigation season
  • Reliable service delivery
  • Fit-for-purpose infrastructure

Benefits for our communities

  • Increased investment and confidence in the agricultural sector
  • Creation of hundreds of jobs for regional contractors and businesses
  • A significant contribution to Victoria’s Murray Darling Basin Plan commitments

Benefits for our future

  • Supporting some of Australia’s most innovative farmers to leverage smarter on farm irrigation systems and technology, by delivering water more efficiently to the farm gate
  • Creating a modernised irrigation system to benefit future generations
  • Healthier waterways due to increased environmental river flows and a range of initiatives to enhance our environment