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Frequently asked questions

The key features of the Reset Delivery Plan are:

  1. A publically available channel by channel assessment, involving local input. A key part of this is a new web portal to where landowners can view the details and status of their works.
  2. A new engagement model with clear steps outlined and communicated. This includes an independent review process and creates timeframes to ensure agreements are reached quickly to benefit all landowners.
  3. An improved procurement methodology for contracting work that will ensure value-for-money at a system and landowner level. It means we’re buying smarter, saving money and more irrigators will benefit; and
  4. Use of statutory reconfiguration plans. This ensures work on this important project can progress as quickly as possible.

Importantly this reset delivery plan is based on a channel-by-channel approach. For landowners this means less delays because works don’t rely on agreements being reached with large groups and it means more channels can be modernised.