Connections Project helps create new wetland to boost environment

David Lee

A new transitory wetland area is being formed on a dairy farm just outside of Kyabram, thanks to a collaboration between the $2 billion Connections Project and the landowner.

Works carried out along the irrigation system that connect Peppertree Dairy included channel decommissioning and the removal of culverts and road crossings. The company’s manager and landowners saw an opportunity to take over ownership of a section of the old GMW channel and use it to boost the environmental aspect of the area.

Six hundred metres of the old GMW channel has been retained by Peppertree Dairy, allowing water pumped from the reuse system of the farm to be fed into the channel to create the wetland.

Native species will also be planted along and inside the channel to help with the transformation, forming a corridor of high value native vegetation.

Connections Project Director Frank Fisseler said the Project is creating significant environmental benefits through projects across the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) irrigation system.

“This meets our objectives to remove the channel from the GMW network as well as being a win for the environment and we look forward to seeing Peppertree Dairy bring this new wetland area to life.

“The Project is committed to working with landowners to create positive outcomes. Working within the reconfiguration process ensured we were able to deliver the best outcomes for both parties,” Mr Fisseler said.

Peppertree Dairy Manager Daryl Bassett said the company was pleased the Connections Project was happy to work with them to help create something of great benefit to the environment.

“Peppertree Dairy is committed to positive environmental outcomes. We are keen to retain remnant and native vegetation on our property and creating this wetland fits in perfectly with that,” Mr Bassett said.

“It also complements the environmental outcomes as part of our agreement with Tatura Milk, whom we supply our product to.”

The $2 billion Connections Project is Australia’s largest irrigation modernisation project and is funded by the Australian and Victorian governments.

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