Project accelerates with in-season works at Cobram East

Anna Turnbull

Cobram East landowners were connected to the modernised irrigation system via a bypass pump while upgrade works were rolled-out in-season recently.

To accelerate progress on the Connections Project, landowner agreements now feature innovative ways to deliver works combined with continuous water delivery.  

At this site, 500m of temporary hose, connected to a bypass pump, was set-up to carry water from the state-of-the-art, automated system as further works proceeded.

About 490m of high-density polyethelene pipe was then dropped into a new trench while the old channel was backfilled. The new pipeline will save 73ML of water each year.

Six inaccurate Dethridge Wheels were replaced with 300mm closed conduit meters while one was rationalised.

“By assessing the unique needs of these irrigators, a solution was reached allowing works to continue in-season while landowners continued to irrigate,” Connections Project director Frank Fisseler said.

“To move from a manually operated system to a fully automated irrigation delivery system, we’re creating a $2 billion channel system with better measurement and management of water flows.”

The Connections Project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the country.

The project protects our region’s status as a source of high security water, enhancing the sustainability of the entire region.

For our communities and our region’s future, this attracts people and businesses who can invest because they’re reassured about the security of the water delivery network.

The $2 billion Connections Project is Australia’s largest irrigation modernisation project and is funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments

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