Goulburn-Murray Water

GMW is Australia's largest rural water corporation managing around 70% of Victoria's stored water resources, around 50% of Victoria's underground water supplies and Australia's largest irrigation delivery network.

Goulburn-Murray Rural Water Corporation, trading as Goulburn-Murray Water, is a statutory Corporation established under the provisions of the Victorian Water Act. Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) manages water related services in a region of 68,000 square kilometers, bordered by the Great Dividing Range in the south and the River Murray in the north and stretching from Corryong in the east down river to Nyah. We have more than 39,000 customers in northern Victoria.

GMW manages both regulated and unregulated river systems that flow into the Murray and administers groundwater within this area.

GMW also operates a number of storages and weirs on behalf of the MDBA, operates salinity mitigation works on the Murray downstream of Nyah, and is the Victorian constructing authority for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MBDA).

GMW is the Victorian Resource Manager appointed by the Minister for Water and has been given responsibility for making the seasonal determination for all northern Victorian declared water systems. GMW is a partner in the Victorian Water Register, using it to manage more than $4 billion of water entitlements and trade.

GMW also manages recreational and boating activities at 14 of our 24 storages. This includes managing 720 houseboat licences and managing or leasing 11 caravan parks, 62 clubs and 100 public recreation areas.

With more than 35,000 customers, we are Australia’s largest water authority. We have more customers, larger service areas and more responsibilities that the New South Wales based irrigation companies.

The Connections Project is a division of Goulburn Murray Water.

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