Reports and submissions

September 2016Reset Delivery Plan

The Connections Project Reset Delivery Plan was agreed by the Victorian and Australian Governments.

The plan provides more certainty for landowners across the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District.

Key features of the plan include a publicly available channel-by-channel assessment involving local input, a new engagement model with clear steps outlined and communicated, an improved procurement methodology for contracting work that will ensure value-for-money at a system and landowner level, and use of statutory reconfiguration plans.

Read the Reset Delivery Plan (Summary , PDF, 2MB) 

June 2016Project Reset Options Consultation Report

In June 2016, the Connections Project undertook further community consultation on four ‘reset options’, with Option 4 being the preferred option for community consultation.

More than 300 people attended the roundtable sessions.

Discussions at the sessions were very constructive, and participants were generally most supportive of Option 4 due to its channel-by-channel solution approach.

Option 4 was judged to be the most likely of the four options to deliver critically important improved consultation with customers, especially through one-on-one conversations, and greater use of local knowledge.

Consultants Tim Cummins and Associates found that the top-down, broad-brush approach used for options 1 and 2 would not address the variability of circumstances among customers.

Feedback from the roundtable discussions and individual responses indicated that option 3 had the least support of all options.

Read the Reset Options Consultation Report (PDF, 3MB)

February 2016The Primary Agency Report

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) and the State Government of Victoria commissioned The Primary Agency to undertake a two-part community and stakeholder engagement following completion of the mid-term review of the Connections Project.

This was an important opportunity to hear from irrigators, stakeholders and community what they want to see happen to drive the project forward.

Customer and stakeholder opinions were sought on:

the seven options to reshape the project that were put forward through the mid-term reviewthe extent to which a shared view on future delivery of the Connections Project was possible within the communityeight possible planning priorities being considered for use in future Connections project planning.

Read the Primary Agency Report (PDF, 864KB)

November 2015Mid Term Review

The independent GHD review found that fundamental changes were required to ensure the delivery of the Connections Project.It states the Commonwealth and Victorian governments, along with GMW, will need to agree on a mix of options for the success of the project.

The review has found the reset needs to occur because the assumptions underpinning the project are no longer appropriate. For example: It was assumed about 3,000 landowners would choose to leave irrigated agriculture by terminating 45 per cent of delivery share in the GMID, however our experience to date indicates 14 per cent or about 1,000 landowners are likely to terminate.

The review found that less time has been available to deliver the project; securing landowner agreements has been more complex and the availability of suitably qualified resources in the GMID has been more challenging.

The review found that we have made significant improvements to the project. Specifically on our introduction of Least Cost Methodology, End-to-End Project Managers, outsourcing SCP delivery, and creating shared connections. It also identifies areas for improvement in the delivery of the project.

Read the Mid Term Review (PDF, 882KB)